AB Sciex 5600 TripleTOF

Available from KRSS a used fully refurbished and service AB SCIEX TripleTof 5600 System.

The AB SCIEX TripleTOF® 5600 System was an innovative breakthrough in LC/MS/MS performance - the first system to combine comprehensive, qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single, accurate mass platform. It combines highest-sensitivity detection, high resolution with at least five-fold better acquisition speed, and stable mass accuracy over days of acquisition.

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High resolution quant and qual on one platform

Achieve speed, resolution and sensitivity simultaneously and with no compromise.

The AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600 System is the first accurate-mass, high-resolution LC/MS/MS system for qualitative analysis that has the speed and sensitivity to deliver quantitation like a high-performance triple quad.

  • High sensitivity for quantitation at low abundance levels
  • SmartSpeed™ 100 Hz Acquisition collects 100 spectra/second
  • Dynamic range of greater than 4 orders of magnitude
  • EasyMass™ accuracy of 1 ppm over 24 hours with external calibration
  • Resolution of 25,000 FWHM at low mass, m/z 100 and up to 40,000 at m/z 950, at 100 spectra/sec

One system, flexible workflows

For the first time, Pharma, Academic and Analytical Testing scientists can integrate comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single platform providing faster and more accurate answers to "what is in the sample, how much is there, and does it change?"


Explore complex samples in greater depth Select up to 50 precursors - and generate high resolution and high mass accuracy MS/MS spectra in a second using powerful IDA (information-dependent acguisition) algorithms and high-resolution, accurate-mass MS and MS/MS

Speed and resolution for definitive identification

  • Select up to 50 precursors and get high resolution MS/MS in a second for fast LC conditions
  • Identify precursors with confidence with high mass accuracy in MS and MS/MS mode
  • Target analyte classes with advanced IDA (information-dependent acquisition) workflows
    • Multiple mass defect scanning
    • Neutral loss scanning
    • Exclusion / Inclusion lists / Isotope pattern matching
  • Identify unknowns with robust, intelligent multiple collision energy workflows


Profile samples for quant and qual in a sinqle run: Quantify virtually every compound in the sample with hiqh-resolution MS quantification and fast chromatoqraphy; confirm compound identity with hiqh-resolution, accurate-mass MS/MS; then mine the data for the information you need.

Quantitative and qualitative information in a single run

  • Combine high-resolution MS quantification with high-resolution MS/MS ID confirmation
  • Quantify every compound - even under fast LC conditions
  • Re-visit data for further interrogation


Quantify analytes with Hiqh Resolution MRM for hiqhest specificity and confidence: Obtain hiqh-resolution at hiqh mass and low mass in the same spectrum for hiqh-resolution MRM-like quantification. LOQ’s and dynamic ranqe are equivalent to hiqh-performance triple quad instruments. Cycle times as low as 10 msec qenerate superior peak definition even with fast LC separations. Quantification requires little optimization, and you can choose multiple fraqments per precursor from the acquired full scan MS/MS data.

Relative & absolute quantitation with high resolution MRM (MRMHR)

  • Maximize specificity using MRM-like quantitation with high resolution fragment ions
  • Analyze many analytes with triple quadrupole MRM acquisition rates and collect full scan MS/MS spectra for each precursor without additional cycle time
  • Maintain fast cycle time for superior peak definition, even in fast LC separations
  • Linear dynamic range of 4 orders or greater for quantitative accuracy

Inspired engineering

Beginning with the best-in-class quantitative performance of the Triple Quad™ 5500 System, AB SCIEX researchers developed the new AcceleratorTOF™ Analyzer to deliver high resolution at the speed and sensitivity required to maintain the precision and limits of quantitation associated with MRM. The result is the breakthrough AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600 System - the next generation in Quadrupole TOF technology.

Automated Calibration Delivery system allows easy, automated instrument calibration from a reference spray using the DuoSpray™ source

Software selectable dual ionization system with the DuoSpray™ source - ESI and APCI - provides experimental flexibility with highest performance

> TurbolonSpray® Probe 5-3000 uL/min

> APCI Probe 50-3000 uL/min

> System also compatible with Turbo V™ source and NanoSpray® III source with heated interface

Patented QJet® Ion Guide improves ion containment and operates at high pressure, providing better collisional focusing and improved ion transmission

MagLev turbo pumps provide ultimate robustness with silent running magnetic levitation technology

Next generation eQ™ electronics enable faster scan speeds with improved sensitivity and robustness

Patented Q0 High Pressure Cell collisionally focuses ions for maximum transmission and sensitivity

LINAC® collision cell increases speed of analysis and eliminates cross-talk. True collision induced fragmentation provides reliable,information-rich, library searchable spectra

Performance Delivered

Scientists have come to expect industry-leading performance from AB SCIEX mass spectrometers. The TripleTOF™ 5600 System delivers it, with high-resolution, high sensitivity data, excellent mass accuracy stability, and fast acquisition rates. If you’re looking for uncompromised performance, look no further than the TripleTOF™ 5600 System.

Improve productivity and specificity by acquiring information instead of data

  • AutoTune provides easy, automated optimization of quadrupole and TOF calibration and resolution as well as optimized detector settings so that you collect the highest quality information in every run
  • Dynamic background subtraction (DBS) minimizes collection of MS/MS on background ions to increase identification of low-level analytes in the presence of background noise
  • Multiple mass defect triggered IDA (Information Dependant Acquisition) improves efficiency and reduces the need for multiple injections to get comprehensive information. Mass defect can be applied for specific mass ranges, and multiple mass defects can be applied
  • Neutral Loss triggered IDA provides unique specificity by triggering MS/MS when two TOF MS scans (high and low energy) detect a specified mass difference. The result is higher efficiency IDA experiments requiring fewer runs
  • MS/MSALL is a powerful workflow enabled by the speed and sensitivity of the Triple TOF� 5600 System, where high quality MS/MS spectra are generated for all masses. A resolving Q1 is stepped across a mass range and high resolution, accurate mass MS/MS is obtained at every mass step. Combined with high resolution TOF MS data, this workflow enables the acquisition of MS and MS/MS on all analytes.
  • iTRAQ® Reagent Optimization automatically adjusts the collision energy settings specific for ™TRAQ reagent labeled samples, to ensure good ion signal is achieved for the reporter ions for high quality quantitative results
  • Auto batch calibration maintains mass accuracy during long runs by automatically calibrating the system
  • Methods Wizard enables easy creation of acquisition methods with templates for common workflows

PeakView™ Software is optimized for acquiring and processing accurate mass data for multiple samples. It saves you time during data review by enabling you to apply processing parameters across large sample sets. You can also view spectra from multipl samples simultaneously in a single window for quick and easy qualitative review and comparison

Formula Finder Software is an enhanced elemental formula calculator for small molecule analysis. It quickly calculates all possible elemental formula for detected masses using both accurate mass and isotope distribution. The software will use MS/MS data when available to confirm the identity of the most likely candidates, while applying ’Chemical logic’ to filter out unlikely candidates. Interactive recalibration tools based on found common background ions or experimentally determined fragment masses ensure highest accuracy mass reporting.

Applied Power

Simple, clear metabolite ID, characterization, and quantitation

From soft spot analysis to definitive metabolite ID and characterization, to quantitation, the AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600 System enables simple, clear, accurate mass metabolism workflows

  • Identify and characterize metabolites at new levels of speed, efficiency and data quality: The TripleTOF™ 5600 System is the ideal platform for rapid assessment of metabolic stability and in vivo characterization. With the ability to perform both TOF MS and MS/MS scanning at rates suitable for fast LC, you can apply completely generic methodology to acquire high-quality quantitative and qualitative data simultaneously
  • Quantify drug metabolites with performance equivalent to MRM on a triple quad. The TripleTOF™ 5600 System is the first accurate-mass, high-resolution MS system with the speed and sensitivity to deliver triple quad-like quantitation

Streamlined workflows for clinical research and forensics testing

Conclusively identify and quantify low-abundance compounds in complex samples in a single run

  • The TripleTOF™ 5600 System is ideal for General Unknown Screening (GUS) with high confidence identification and quantitation. High resolution and accurate mass in MS and MS/MS modes provide superior specificity for targeted compounds, and the data can be re-interrogated post-run to identify unknown or unexpected components

Multi-component food and water contaminant screening

Combine multi-target screening quantitation with non-target screening and identification in a single run

  • High sensitivity and high resolution delivered at unmatched speed allow MRM-like quantitation, and accurate mass MS/MS provides the ability to detect and identify unknowns in a single run.

In-depth identification and expression analysis for Omics and biomarker studies

Combine the speed of the TripleTOF™ 5600 System with high resolution and sensitivity for comprehensive identification and quantitation workflows

  • A new standard for protein identification and targeted quantitation: The TripleTOF™ 5600 System is capable of achieving the highest acquisition speeds while maintaining maximum resolution and mass accuracy for unmatched protein dentification. The resolution and speed also enable MRM-like quantitation without significant methods development
  • Comparative analysis for metabolomics studies can be performed on the TripleTOF™ 5600 System with greater precision and confidence than ever before. Profiling of endogenous metabolites can be achieved with unmatched speed and sensitivity to determine statical differences between samples for the rapid determination of putative biomarkers
  • Novel workflows for Lipidomic analysis: Lipid profiling on the TripleTOF™ 5600 System can be used to analyze every lipid species simultaneously. With the new MS/MSALL workflow it is possible to acquire precursor ion data at every unit mass to obtain high quality MS/MS data on every lipid class within a sample


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