Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra LC/MS/MS Triple Quad

Now available from KRSS, a used fully refurbished and serviced Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra including Thermo Surveyor HPLC, 3 months warranty, installation and training.

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The TSQ Quantum Ultra family’s innovative technology provides wide linear dynamic range and low sensitivity limits, defining a high standard of excellence in mass spectral quantitation. It features the revolutionary on Max™ source with interchangeable HESI-II, ESI and APCI probes, a titanium skimmer with hard-edged skimming and larger aperture for increased robustness and sensitivity, and a redesigned ion transfer tube lens with wider aperture for enhanced ion focusing and ion trans mission. The Ion Max source also allows full probe adjustment in the x, y, and z directions. The probe position can be optimized for maximum robustness and sensitivity with any given combination of flow rate, solvent, and ionization mode. Its new, ultra high temperature, self-cleaning APCI probe, with ceramic heater, virtually eliminates carryover. All of this comes with the benefits of constant neutral loss scanning, parent scanning, high-resolution precursor ion selectivity, Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) and Highly Selected Reaction Monitoring (H-SRM).

The TSQ Quantum Ultra offer several benefits including constant neutral loss scanning, parent scanning, high-resolution precursor ion selectivity, SRM and H-SRM to deliver a complete solution for the proteomics and large molecule research community.

Technical Data

Hardware Features
Ion Max API Source
  • Enhanced sensitivity and ruggedness
  • Sweep gas reduces chemical noise
  • Optimal 60-degree spray angle for best sensitivity and ruggedness
  • Interchangeable HESI-II, ESI, and APCI ionization probes
  • APPI/APCI combination probe
  • Removable ion transfer tube provides vent-free maintenance
  • High temperature, self-cleaning APCI heater employing state-of-the-art ceramic heater technology
  • X, Y, and Z probe positioning adjustments for all ionization probes
  • Automatic source recognition for ease of use and simplified data logging
  • Dual square profile quadrupole ion guides for the highest ion transmission

Triple Stage Quadrupole
  • Dual HyperQuad™ precision hyperbolic quadrupole mass analyzers for ultra performance
  • Large 6-mm field radius provides high transmission and superior peak shape
  • 90-degree square profile quadrupole ion guide with noise-reducing geometry
  • Software control and automated optimization of collision energy and gas pressure
  • Fully automated system calibration, tuning, and compound optimization

Vacuum System
  • Four-stage differentially pumped vacuum manifold
  • Advanced triple inlet turbomolecular pump integrated with vacuum manifold
  • Dual rotary vacuum pump configuration

Detection System
  • Off-axis continuous dynode electron multiplier with extended dynamic range
  • Proprietary detection system uses a fast switching (≤25 ms) post-acceleration conversion dynode with ±10 kV applied voltage  Integrated electron multiplier eliminates field emission and microphonic noise
  • Digital electronic noise reduction Integrated Divert Valve
  • Fully automated data system control enables switching the solvent front,gradient end point, or any portion of the HPLC run to waste
  • Automatic system optimization by loop injections
  • User-definable default state of the valve, either “to waste-load” or “to source-inject” Integrated Syringe Pump
  • Automated infusion and loop injections under full data system control

Performance Specifications
Mass Range
  • 10 - 1500 Da (TSQ Quantum Ultra)
  • 10 - 3000 Da (TSQ Quantum Ultra)

  • 7500 (FWHM) at m/z508 of polytyrosine
  • Resolution is continuously adjustable to better than 0.1 Da peak width (FWHM) across the entire mass range.

Mass Stability
TSQ Quantum Ultra
  • Mass assignment will be within ± 0.050 Da over a 24 hour period. The laboratory room temperature must be maintained between 15-27 °C (59-81 °F). The optimum temperature of operation is between 18-21 °C (65-70 °F). The room temperature may not change by more than 5 °C (9 °F) during this period.

  • Collision gas: 99.995% pure Argon
  • Collision gas supply pressure: 135 ± 70 kPa (20 ±10 psig)
  • Sheath/aux/sweep gas: 99% pure Nitrogen
  • Sheath/aux/sweep gas supply pressure: 690 ± 140 kPa (100 ± 20 psig)
  • Maximum sheath gas consumption: ~ 20 L/min.

  • Functional temperature range: 15 °C to 27 °C (59 °F to 81 °F)
  • Optimal temperature range: 18 °C to 21 °C (65 °F to 70 °F)
  • TSQ Quantum Ultra heat output: 2,300 W (8,000 Btu/h)
  • Particulate matter: < 3,500,000 particles per cubic meter of air (< 100,000 particles of > 5 μm diameter per cubic foot of air)
  • Relative humidity: 20% to 80%, without condensation
  • Floors must be free of vibration.

  • TSQ Quantum Ultra family: 61 cm x 56 cm x 79 cm (h x w x d)

  • TSQ Quantum Ultra: 118 kg

Why purchase used refurbished instruments from KRSS

KRSS Ltd offer high quality pre-owned Mass Spec, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC and GC systems allowing affordable entry into a rapidly developing market.

All KRSS instruments are thoroughly inspected by manufacturer trained engineers (including all components and parts), cleaned and decontaminated, completely refurbished (defective parts and components are replaced with genuine parts), serviced and bench tested to ensure the equipment meets the manufacturers original specifications - this guarantees quality, performance and reliability at a fraction of the OEM costs.

With over 50 instruments in stock, covering all major manufacturers KRSS has systems for a variety of application requirements. All instruments are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and optional service contracts to ensure trouble free operation.


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