Thermo TSQ Quantum Discovery Max

Now available from KRSS, a used fully refurbished and serviced Thermo TSQ Quantum Discovery Max plus Surveyor gradient pump, Surveyor autosampler and Surveyor DAD with 3 months warranty and installation.

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The high-performance, compact benchtop Thermo TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX incorporates innovative technology for increased sensitivity, precision, ruggedness, and reliability. It is principally designed for high-throughput conditions such as environmental, clinical, and drug discovery workflow.

With the Ion Max™ source, the Finnigan TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX addresses the need of these laboratories for more rugged and dependable LC-MS/MS to enable round-the-clock productivity. The combination of our patented HyperQuad™ quadrupole mass analyzer system, high efficiency ion transfer optics, and outstanding ion source robustness provides precise accurate quantitation even at the lowest levels.

Key Features:
  • High transmission at high resolution
  • Robust ionization sources
  • Reliable high throughput for bioanalytical, environmental, and food analyses
  • Mass range of 30-1500 daltons (Da)
  • Scan rate of 2,000 Da per second
  • Full-scan MS in Q1 or Q3
  • Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) in Q1 or Q3
  • Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM)


(High Transmission at High Resolution)

Selective Reaction Monitoring (SRM) is a widely used technique for performing quantitative assays using a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. Highly-Selective Reaction Monitoring (H-SRM) allows the user to have more stringent tolerance for precursor ion selection, which leads to higher analyte selectivity. This can lead to lower LOQs, better precision and accuracy at the limits of assay detection.

Using H-SRM, the precursor ion is selected with a mass tolerance of ±0.1m/z or less, which dramatically increases analyte selectivity and reduces method development time when chemical noise is an issue. Consequently, this reduces the likelihood of false positives. Thermo™s hyperbolic triple quadrupoles are the only triple quadrupoles currently on the market capable of such mass selectivity without a significant loss of sensitivity. H-SRM is a standard feature on all Finnigan TSQ Quantum instruments.

Robust Ionization Sources Available

ESI, APPI, APCI, and Nanospray Ionization

The Ion Max source has a revolutionary design, imparting superior performance and sensitivity. It is readily interchangeable between the Finnigan LTQ, the Finnigan LTQ FT, and the Finnigan LCQ ion traps. An aviation-grade titanium metal skimmer, newly contoured ion transfer tube for high ion transmission, and x, y, and z probe positioning elements make the Ion Max the most robust commercially available ion source.

Reliable High Throughput

for Bioanalytical, Environmental, and Food Analyses

The complex nature of the matrices associated with these samples demands selectivity, sensitivity, and robustness. The Finnigan TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX reliably delivers unmatched selectivity with H-SRM, and is unparalleled in sensitivity and robustness as a result of the Ion Max source.

The benefits of the collision cell design, along with theFinnigan TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX™s ability to quantify a wide range of samples with a high degree of accuracy and precision, make it unbeatable for demanding drug discovery/clinical, food and environmental analyses. For today™s routine laboratory environment, the Finnigan TSQ Quantum Discovery MAX triple quadrupole mass spectrometer provides the perfect solution for these applications.

Collision Cell

The unique 90° collision cell design further reduces chemical noise by removing “line-of-sight” from the ion source to the detector. The 90° collision cell design also serves to reduce instrument
foot-print, creating a conveniently sized instrument.


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