Used & refurbished Kratos Analytical Axima CFR Plus Maldi TOF mass spectrometer - fully serviced with 6 months warranty from krss used laboratory equipment for mass spec

Kratos Analytical Axima CFR Plus Maldi TOF

Available from KRSS a used fully refurbished and serviced Kratos Axima CFR Plus Maldi TOF. Price includes installation, training and 6 months warranty. 

The Axima is ideal for applications such as Rapid small molecule characterization, Protein and peptide identification, Analysis of SNP\’s, Carbohydrate analysis (for more complex work with AXIMA QIT is the advanced solution for carbohydrate and glycoprotein research) and Polymer analysis.

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  • Mass range 1-500kDa in linear mode; 1-80kDa in reflectron mode
  • Mass resolution 4000 Fwhm (insulin B chain) in linear mode; 20000 Fwhm (insulin) in reflectron mode
  • Mass accuracy <5ppm in reflectron mode with internal calibration; 0.02% of the parent ion with PSD
  • Precursor ion resolution 1 in 70
  • Sensitivity 10fmol in reflectron mode (insulin B chain)
  • New flexibility for CID fragmentation
  • Automated sample target handling and analysis of various biochip formats
  • Specialized automated software tools to accelerate and intelligently manage sample analysis

Why purchase used refurbished
mass specs from KRSS

KRSS Ltd offer high quality pre-owned Mass Spec, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC and GC systems allowing affordable entry into a rapidly developing market.

All KRSS instruments are thoroughly inspected by manufacturer trained engineers (including all components and parts), cleaned and decontaminated, completely refurbished (defective parts and components are replaced with genuine parts), serviced and bench tested to ensure the equipment meets the manufacturers original specifications - this guarantees quality, performance and reliability at a fraction of the OEM costs.

With over 50 instruments in stock, covering all major manufacturers KRSS has systems for a variety of application requirements. All instruments are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and optional service contracts to ensure trouble free operation.


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