AB Sciex Voyager DE Pro Maldi TOF

Available from KRSS a used fully refurbished and serviced AB-Sciex Voyager DE Pro Maldi TOF mass spectrometer. Price includes installation, training and 6 months warranty. 

The Voyager DE Pro is a Time of Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer used for rapid determination of molecular weights of peptides and proteins and for peptide sequencing.

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This non chromatographic mass spectrometer can quickly provide information on the molecular weights of the components of almost any sample. The availability of a reflectron improves the resolution and mass accuracy of measurements below 10000 Daltons, and also allows the use of Post Source Decay (PSD) to obtain sequence information on detected peptides. MALDI ionization occurs in the gas phase unlike electrospray and therefore measurements on a sample using both MALDI and Electrospray may yield greater detection of peptides from a digested sample than would be achievable from using either technique alone.

The ABI Voyager DE Pro utilizes a laser where the output is matched to the absorption maxima of a matrix compound. The energy absorbed by the matrix results in a plume of volatile ions. If biomolecules are co-crystallized with the matrix they are also ionized in the plume. Ions from the plume are propelled down a long flight tube under the influence of an electric field. Since the time an ion takes to reach the detector at the end of the flight tube is inversely proportional to the mass to charge ratio (m/z), accurate measurements over a very wide range (>300,000 m/z) can be obtained. The advantages of the Voyager DE Pro MALDI-TOF include good sensitivity (into the picomole range), and good tolerance to biochemical buffers and salts. In addition, since there is usually only a singly charged ion formed it is a good choice for the analysis of heterogeneous samples.


  • 337 nm Nitrogen Laser
  • Reflectron equipped
  • Capable of delayed extraction
  • Numerous sample plate formats available


  • Molecular weight determination
  • Peptide sequencing

Why purchase used refurbished
mass specs from KRSS

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