Waters Acquity TQD System

Now available from KRSS is a used, fully refurbished and serviced Waters Acquity TQD System.

Developed for integrated UPLC®/MS/MS quantitative applications, the Waters ACQUITY® TQD features the highest levels of tandem quadrupole MS selectivity, robustness, speed, and accuracy.

To maximize the analytical advantages of UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC), the ACQUITY TQD operates at the highest data acquisition rates. When integrated with the ACQUITY UPLC® System, the ACQUITY TQD gives you class-leading analytical detection limits, resolution, and sample throughput for all of your quantitative applications: bioanalysis, ADME screening, food safety, environmental monitoring, clinical, forensic, and more.

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As analysing pharmaceutical, food, clinical, chemical, and environmental sample becomes more challenging, matrices become more complex. Concentration levels widen and high throughput becomes the norm; LC/MS detection techniques are becoming increasingly inefficient.

Liquid chromatography, when combined with tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), allows you to obtain accurate quantitative information that increases confidence in your results. Whith the ACQUITY TQD, you can vastly expand the scope of your analytical capabilities - all with enhanced selectivity, sensitivity, and linearity. With the power of analytical information, you are able to quickly and easily quantify and confirm trace components in complex matrices with speed and accuracy.


Automated system checks and simplified user interface for ease-of-use Optimized MS/MS detection for demanding quantitative applications Rapid data acquisition rates for the best in accuracy and reproducibility of chromatographic peak area measurement Robust ZSpray™ atmospheric pressure ionization interface Versatile range of ionization options Industry-leading multimode capability in a single run Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools Dedicated application managers for your specialized analytical requirements Smallest MS/MS footprint that sits easily on your laboratory bench top

Rapid data acquisition capability:

To make the most of your ACQUITY UPLC® System, the TQ Detector operates at the highest data acquisition rates (utilizing T-Wave™ collision cell, multi-mode ionization, and rapid polarity switching technologies) Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools:

IntelliStart™ Software automates setting up the MS hardware (mass resolution, mass calibration, ion source optimization) and the process of developing compound-specific MRM data acquisition methods QuanOptimize™, a sophisticated, optional software package, is available for comprehensive automation of the entire process of quantitation (method setup, data acquisition, data processing, and reporting) Versatile Range of robust ionization options:

Robust dual orthogonal API source (ZSpray™): Maximizes source longevity, protects against dirty samples, and allows easy removal and cleaning of source elements without breaking vacuum Ionization options include: electrospray and multi-mode ionization capability (standard), atmospheric chemical ionization, and dual-mode atmospheric pressure photo-ionization / atmospheric chemical ionization interface Comprehensive software control and applications:

MassLynx™ MS Software or Empower™ CDS Software solutions suit your analytical requirements Intelligent Services Delivery Platform

Connections INSIGHT® intelligent services provides on-demand, remote diagnostics and online help for your LC/MS/MS system.


The ACQUITY TQD delivers comprehensive, system-level productivity. The TQ Detector’s fast acquisition capabilities are complemented by a full suite of ACQUITY UPLC technologies - hardware, software, columns, and chemistries - designed to work together to give you more than you’ve ever experienced from traditional LC/MS/MS systems. UPLC® employs novel small column particles, very low system volumes, and greater throughput to detect more peaks in faster runs - adding significant value to the power of the high-speed TQ Detector.

The results are narrow UPLC peaks and superb spectral quality for easy identification of all of the compounds in your sample. The detector is additionally able to cycle through ESCi®-enabled multiple ioniza- tion modes (ESI and APCI) and any combination of full scan, MRM, polarity switching, and
T-WaveTM1 enabled high-speed MS/MS. With these all occurring within rapid UPLC run-time windows, the ACQUITY TQD is a highly efficient UPLC/MS/MS platform that is adaptable to a variety of applications. Your lab benefits with the ultimate in productivity and flexibility.

Why purchase used refurbished
instruments from KRSS

KRSS Ltd offer high quality pre-owned Mass Spec, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC and GC systems allowing affordable entry into a rapidly developing market.

All KRSS instruments are thoroughly inspected by manufacturer trained engineers (including all components and parts), cleaned and decontaminated, completely refurbished (defective parts and components are replaced with genuine parts), serviced and bench tested to ensure the equipment meets the manufacturers original specifications - this guarantees quality, performance and reliability at a fraction of the OEM costs.

With over 50 instruments in stock, covering all major manufacturers KRSS has systems for a variety of application requirements. All instruments are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and optional service contracts to ensure trouble free operation.


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