Varian Saturn 2200/3800

Now available from KRSS is a used, fully refurbished and serviced Varian Saturn 2200/3800 GC/MS.

The Saturn 2000 series ion trap GC/MS system is the most widely used ion trap GC/MS in the world. The Varian 2200 GC/MS combines the versatility of our proven 3800 GC and the performance of our industry leading ion trap MS. These components combined create a platform as a versatile GC and flexible MS system. Both components support a remarkable array of highly productive, easy-to-use options. Under MS Workstation control, complex configurations become very simple to operate.

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Varian Saturn 2200 Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry is a bench top GC/MS that offers Electron Impact ionization (EI), Positive Chemical Ionization (PCI), and MS/MS.

Common Applications include quantification and characterization of trace levels of organic compounds such as fatty acids, amino acids, volatile organic compound (VOCs), pesticide residues, and low MW organic molecules in drugs.

Saturn 2200

Saturn 2200 features:
  • Mass range from 10 to 650 amu
  • EI Source
  • Scan range is time programmable throughout the run
  • Varian CP 3800 GC with Split/Splitless Inlet
  • Mechanical Pump
  • Varian Star Data System

2200 MS Specifications

  • Mass range: 10 to 650 u; scan range is time programmable throughout the run
  • Selected Ion Storage (SIS): stores up to five ranges of ions or five ions (u-SIS mode); ejects up to five ions, e.g., column bleed
  • Scan rate: fixed at 5600 u/sec to maximize spectral acquisition
  • Resolution: unit mass, measured as 10% valley, over the entire range
  • Mass calibration stability: RF-only field is stable for weeks to several months at constant analyzer temperature and helium flow
  • Linear dynamic range: 103 to 104 (compound dependent based upon analytical methods)
  • Filament assembly: dual filament
  • Transfer line temperature: independent control; maximum 350 °C
  • Manifold temperature: independent control; maximum 120 °C
  • Analyzer temperature: independent control; anodized block; maximum 250 °C
  • Electrode surface: chrome (standard)
  • Ion gauge: Bayard-Alpert gauge tube with burn-out resistant, thoria-coated iridium (ThO-Ir) filaments
  • Power fail protection: solenoid closes septum purge line and supplies supplemental helium flow through the column to vent MS
  • Turbomolecular pump: Varian V-70 pump, air cooled, and thermostatically protected; 70 L/s capacity; pumping at 60 L/s supplies a vacuum of approximately 10-5 Torr (1.3 mPa) in the manifold


CP-3800 features:

  • Can accommodate multiple injectors and detectors
  • Easily configured to perform on-line analysis for monitoring gas and liquid process streams
  • Simplified PC control for streamline operation
  • Spacious oven that accomodates three or more columns
  • Varian Quick Connects provide easy column installation
  • Rapid oven cool down increases sample throughput
3800 GC Specifications

Column Oven

  • Size: 11 in./28 cm (h) x 11 in./28 cm (w) x 7.5 in./19 cm (d)
  • Temperature range: ambient +4 °C to 450 °C; -99 °C to 450 °C with liquid N2; -65 °C to 450 °C with liquid CO2
  • Temperature-programmed ramps: 7 ramps with 8 isothermal holds
  • Maximum temperature ramp rate: 100 °C/min for all voltages
  • Cool-down rate: 400 °C to 50 °C in 4.5 min


CP-1177 Split/Splitless Injector

  • Temperature range: 50 °C to 450 °C isothermal

1079 PTV Injector

  • Temperature range: -99 °C to 450 °C with liquid N2; -65 °C to 450 °C with liquid CO2
  • Maximum temperature ramp rate: 200 °C/min
  • Temperature ramps: 4 Injector EFC
  • Pressure range: 0-100 psi
  • Total flow: 500 mL/min at 10 psi

Power Requirements

  • 120 Vac ± 10%, 60 Hz ± 2%, 20 Amps, 2.4 kilowatt
  • 230 Vac ± 10%, 50 Hz ± 2%, 10 Amps, 2.3 kilowatt
  • 101 Vac ± 10%, 50 or 60 Hz ± 2%, 25 Amps, 2.5 kilowatt

Environmental Requirements

  • Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity (without condensation)
  • Temperature: 10 °C to 40 °C operating

DS102 Foreline Pump

  • Dual stage, rotary vane
  • Voltage: 120/230V switchable
  • Pumping speed greater than 95 L/min (5.7 m3/hr)
  • Dimensions: 8.3 in./21 cm (h) x 5.2 in./13 cm (w) x 16.9 in./43 cm (d)
  • Weight: 48 lb/22kg

Pump Options

  • Oil mist eliminator
  • Foreline roughing traps

Why purchase used refurbished
mass specs from KRSS

KRSS Ltd offer high quality pre-owned Mass Spec, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC and GC systems allowing affordable entry into a rapidly developing market.

All KRSS instruments are thoroughly inspected by manufacturer trained engineers (including all components and parts), cleaned and decontaminated, completely refurbished (defective parts and components are replaced with genuine parts), serviced and bench tested to ensure the equipment meets the manufacturers original specifications - this guarantees quality, performance and reliability at a fraction of the OEM costs.

With over 50 instruments in stock, covering all major manufacturers KRSS has systems for a variety of application requirements. All instruments are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and optional service contracts to ensure trouble free operation.


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