Thermo LTQ Orbitrap XL

Available from KRSS a used fully refurbished and serviced Thermo LTQ Orbitrap XL, Hybrid Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer with HPLC system and Generator. Price includes installation and 6 months warranty.

Combining fast, sensitive linear ion trap MSn with high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap™ technology, the research-proven Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap XL system provides economical access to the power of hybrid ion trap-Orbitrap analysis. With outstanding mass accuracy, resolving power, high sensitivity and MSn capability, the LTQ Orbitrap XL™ instrument is the instrument of choice for confident, reliable detection, identification, and characterization. The standard higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) collision cell provides exceptional flexibility in fragmentation for advanced proteomics and small-molecule research.

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  • Hybrid Mass Spectrometer (Ion Trap and Orbitrap Analyser)
  • Linear Ion Trap capable of multi stage MS fragmentation
  • C-Trap capable of accumulating specified lock mass ion(s) for the calibration
  • Resolution 60,000 at m/z 400 at a scan rate of 1 Hz
  • Ideal for multi stage MS, SIM and data dependent acquisition

Perform a range of applications from protein identification, to biomarker discovery, de novo sequencing and metabolite profiling, with confidence.

Protein Identification

  • High mass accuracy lowers false positive rates
  • Parallel acquisition mode optimizes productivity
  • High MS and MS/MS sensitivity, wide dynamic range and fast cycle times increase protein identifications

Biomarker Discovery

  • HCD collision cell provides high fragmentation efficiency combined with high sensitivity for the reporter and fragment ions of the peptide sequence
  • Reliable identification and quantification in one experiment

De novo Sequencing

  • High mass accuracy and high resolution leads to high confidence de novo sequencing results
  • Multiple collision modes (CID and HCD) provide comprehensive structural information

Metabolite Profiling and Identification

  • High mass accuracy, sensitivity, and dynamic range enable reliable profiling of low-abundance metabolites in complex mixtures
  • MSn spectral tree fingerprints distinguish between isobaric compounds


Mass Range
m/z 50-2000, m/z 200-4000

60,000 at m/z 400 at a scan rate of 1 Hz,
minimum resolution 7,500
maximum resolution >100,000 at m/z 400
Mass Accuracy
< 3 ppm with external calibration
< 1 ppm using internal calibration
Sub-femtomol range for peptides

Dynamic Range
> 4,000 within a single scan guaranteeing specified mass accuracy
MS Scan Power
MSn, for n = 1 through 10

Analog Inputs
One (1) analog input (0-1 V),
One (1) analog (0-10 V)

Why purchase used refurbished
mass specs from KRSS

KRSS Ltd offer high quality pre-owned Mass Spec, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC and GC systems allowing affordable entry into a rapidly developing market.

All KRSS instruments are thoroughly inspected by manufacturer trained engineers (including all components and parts), cleaned and decontaminated, completely refurbished (defective parts and components are replaced with genuine parts), serviced and bench tested to ensure the equipment meets the manufacturers original specifications - this guarantees quality, performance and reliability at a fraction of the OEM costs.

With over 50 instruments in stock, covering all major manufacturers KRSS has systems for a variety of application requirements. All instruments are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and optional service contracts to ensure trouble free operation.


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