Agilent 715

Now available from KRSS is a used, fully refurbished and serviced Agilent 715 ICP-OES.

The Agilent 715 ICP-OES offers uncompromised performance for laboratories performing long term analysis of the most difficult sample ICP-OES analyses. Offering the benefit of robust operation with minimal maintenance. The radically-viewed plasma is vertically oriented, providing immediate venting of the exhaust vapours for reduced injector tube blockage and longer term stable performance with high levels of dissolved solids.

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Vertically orientated, radially-viewed plasma systems are the accepted standard in many industries including chemicals manufacture, salt production, wear metals analysis, petrochemical production and precious metals refining. Dual view plasma systems, which feature horizontal torches, cannot match the rugged, high dissolved salt performance of the 715 ICP-OES.

Agilent’s robust RF generator system provides the rugged stability needed to ensure excellent long term stability with challenging samples. The radial configuration is also preferred for organic applications as the vertical plasma reduces carbon build up in the injector. Use the programmable viewing height to select the optimum viewing position in the plasma, reduce background, and eliminate interferences from carbon and oxygen based molecular emissions. This means improved detection limits are achieved without the use of oxygen.

Whether you are performing process control in the petrochemical industry, determining major, minor and trace compositions of rocks, soils or sediments, or measuring contaminants in used oils, the 715 ICP-OES offers stable, reliable performance for all sample types.


User friendly software with all instrument controls, sample results and signal graphics accessible from one window.

Software designed for real samples

  • Easy-to-use worksheet-based software contains wizards and videos to guide you through operation.
  • Fitted background correction simplifies method development as you don’t need to select correction points manually. This ensures fast method development and better correction.
  • Agilent’s Fast Automated Curve-fitting Technique (FACT) resolves complex spectral interferences, ensuring greater accuracy in difficult matrices. FACT modeling can be applied post-analysis.
  • MultiCal extends the linear range giving you accurate results from a single measurement.
  • The status display provides an overview of instrument settings and includes diagnostics for performance optimization and fast fault diagnosis.

Confirm your results automatically
Prove you have accurate results for unknown samples. With MultiCal you can monitor results at two or more wavelengths for each element - giving you confidence in your results and confirming they are interference free.


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