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SP3 - Solid Phase Extraction Training

Sample Preparation for Pharmaceuticals Analysis

  • Location:Cheshire, KRSS UK Facility
  • Duration:1 Day
    • Dates:
  • Manufacturer: Generic
  • Trainer(s):Guest

This one day course on sample preparation for pharmaceutical analysis using Solid Phase Extraction (SPE). For analytical chemists having to deal with biological samples for typically Drug metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) studies and /or goos, creams and syrups in formulation applications.

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The course is a mixture of classroom and laboratory based learning activity. There are comprehensive lectures with a focus on hands-on training bringing you up to speed quickly. Class size is limited to assure you of the optimum learning experience and maximise your hands-on use of the instrumentation and software.

A unique way of financing the course can accomplished by using outstanding days on a current Multiple Instrument Plan (MIP) or University (UP) service plan. One day of the plan is equivalent to one candidate on a one day course. If you have an existing KRSS service plan other than MIP or UP you could finance these courses by adding further academy days. Alternatively a fixed course fee can be applied.

To introduce delegates to the basic principles of solid phase extraction and uses in the pharmaceutical industry

  • To introduce delegates to the basic principles of SPE and its uses in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Learn theoretical and practical considerations
  • Discover the advantages/disadvantages of the different techniques
  • Receive guidance on which techniques are most appropriate methodology for your application and matrix