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GC1 - Taster Courses Training

Introduction to GC & GC/MS

  • Location:Cheshire, KRSS UK Facility
  • Duration:1 Day
    • Dates:
  • Manufacturer: Generic
  • Trainer(s):TBC

This one day short course is designed to introduce the user to the absolute basics of Gas Chromatography and Gas Chromatography/Mass spectroscopy (GC & GC/MS). The course is presented as a series of lectures on the theoretical principles of the techniques with ample opportunity to ask questions.

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Our one day taster short courses provide the most cost effective way of providing an introduction and overview to analytical sampling, chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques used in analytical measurement today.

The courses are classroom based and therefore can be financed at a lower cost. Alternatively if you have a current Multiple Instrument Plan (MIP) or University (UP) service plan you can exchange half a day (per candidate) of the plan for a taster short course. These taster courses are conducted under classroom style learning activity and there are no practical sessions, though practical examples and case studies will be discussed. These taster short days are scheduled throughout the year and open to all. However they are ideal for students who start in September/October so as to give them an ideal background and understanding to sample preparation or a particular analytical technique.

If you have an existing KRSS service plan other than MIP or UP you could finance these courses by adding further academy days.

To introduce delegates to the basic principles of gas chromatography & gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy

  • Learn about chromatography phases and selection
  • Understand the factors affecting separation/resolution
  • Discover how detectors function and there applications
  • Learn how to calculate/monitor system performance
  • Receive guidance on how the different parts of the GC system interrelate