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ML2 - LC/MS Software Training

Advanced MassLynx/QuanLynx/TargetLynx

  • Location:Cheshire, KRSS UK Facility
  • Duration:1 Day
    • Dates:
  • Manufacturer: Waters
  • Trainer(s):John Dutton/Jim Speakman

This one day advanced course to understand the advanced features and benefits of MassLynx/QuanLynx/TargetLynx. The course is split equally between theory and practical exercises. Advanced data handling principles for acquiring, interpreting chromatographic/spectroscopy data and reporting of results are presented.

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The course is a classroom based learning activity. There are comprehensive lectures with a focus on hands-on training exercises to enable the candidate to get up to speed quickly. Class size is limited and a maximum of two candidates per PC to assure you of the optimum learning experience and maximise your hands-on use of the software.

A unique way of financing the course can accomplished by using outstanding days on a current Multiple Instrument Plan (MIP) or University (UP) service plan. One day of the plan is equivalent to one candidate on a one day course. If you have an existing KRSS service plan other than MIP or UP you could finance these courses by adding further academy days. Alternatively a fixed course fee can be applied.

To be able to competently use MassLynx/QuanLynx/TargetLynx advanced software functions and optimise quantitation and report formats

  • Learn about optimising data aquisition
  • Become skilled and efficient at extraction and manipulation of relevant data
  • Getting the most from data presentation
  • Discover the versatility and flexibility of MassLynx/QuanLynx/TargetLynx