The Gas Chromatographers
Choice for Separations

Scion Instruments’ tradition of innovation and product reliability have combined to create the next generation of Scion Instruments’ Gas Chromatographs. By understanding and then designing to exceed the most critical performance and reliability needs of GC users, Scion Instruments systems that are specifically for, and all about helping GC users. The new SCION 436 and SCION 456-GC have been designed to meet the most critical requirements of the users - reliable performance, ease of use, and simple maintenance.

21 Scion 436-GC

Scion 436-GC

The perfect GC for many applications that saves space without compromise on functionality and performance. Capacity for 2 injectors , 1 GC detector plus a mass spectrometer makes the SCION 436 a perfe...

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21 Scion 456-GC

Scion 456-GC

When your requirements demand more functionality or you want room to upgrade, the SCION 456 easily meets your need. Supporting three injector and four detector positions (including the mass spectromet...

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