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Purge and Trap

Purge and Trap is the most effective method for extracting and concentrating volatile organic compounds (VOC) from liquids and solids for analysis via gas chromatography (GC) or GC/MS. The Purge and Trap process involves purging the sample with an inert gas at the appropriate temperature. This transfers the VOCs from an aqueous state to a vapor. The gas is then swept to an analytical trap that absorbs and retains the VOCs, where they are transferred to the Gas Chromatograph for further analysis.

Stay EPA Purge and Trap method compliant with our time tested, global leading environmental lab equipment. EST analytical instruments are designed with YOU in mind. Can you benefit from increased sample throughput, instrument reliability, and optimized sample prep for purge and trap samples? Maximize productivity and profitability with your new Purge and Trap system.

Enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and instrument reliability with state of the art features of the Centurion autosampler and Evolution concentrator for all your VOC purge and trap testing needs including EPA methods 8260, 524.2, 524.3, 524.4, 624, BTEX, GRO, DRO, and 5035. From waters to low level soils there is an EST analytical solution to meet your analytical lab needs.


  • The patented ARID Moisture management System reduces sample reruns.
  • The patented Eliminator feature provides for reduced sample to sample carryover.
  • < 3% RSD programmable internal standard to mitigate sample reruns.
  • Programmable Hot water rinses in between samples.
  • Programmable soil needle depth to avoid clogging.
  • Separate water and soil needles to eliminate cross-contamination.
  • Dual mode allows two concentrators to hook up to one Centurion and one GC.
  • Optical sensors eliminate lost vial, syringe not home, and elevator errors commonly found in older purge & trap autosamplers.
  • Patented Water Prep Mode enables labs to run waters as soils to manage troublesome compounds and also save time through a single calibration.

19 Centurion Water/Soil Purge and Trap Autosampler

Centurion Water/Soil Purge and Trap Autosampler

Increase throughputMaximise productivityUser friendly interfaceStay EPA purge and trap method compliant with the time tested, Centurion Purge and Trap Autosa...

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19 Evolution Purge and Trap Concentrator

Evolution Purge and Trap Concentrator

Unparalleled stability and moisture controlMaximise productivity and reduce carryoverUser friendly interfaceThe Evolution Purge and Trap Concentrator was designe...

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