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For over 25 years, EST analytical has been a leader providing automated solutions that improve productivity and efficiency in the laboratory. As an ISO9001: 2015 Certified USA based manufacturer, they offer products that are of the highest quality, reliability and value, backed with support that has no rival in the industry.

Involved in automation platforms since 1990, EST analytical robotic platforms have been manufactured and installed world-wide in a variety of industries. The team at EST analytical embodies years of experience working with customers in a wide range of applications. The result is a global customer base who choose our products as their preferred solution. Customers choose EST analytical over and over again for a simple reason, our commitment to you.

19 Flex Robotic Sampling Platform

Flex Robotic Sampling Platform

The Flex Robotic Sampling Platform was designed to empower chemists who are being asked to do more with less. Robotic platforms have been around for years, but the ability to take advantage of the ...

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