The Reeko Auto SPE-03D workstation is an automated solid-phase extraction system that is designed for the extraction and concentration of trace organic compounds in aqueous samples, such as drinking water, tap water and source water. The system can automatically complete the entire solid phase extraction process  including conditioning cartridges, sample loading, washing, drying, elution and concentration with an automatic endpoint sensor.

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Main Features

  • Simultaneously process 3 samples.
  • Automatically complete the entire SPE process.
  • Valveless pump for the continuously loading the sample and tolerate a certain particle size.
  • Sample volume: 10mL - 20 litres.
  • Ability to support up to five reagents.
  • Utilises industry standard 1mL, 3 mL, 6mL, 12mL cartridge and 47mm, 50mm disks.
  • Segregates aqueous and solvent waste using separate waste lines.
  • Online concentrating and constant volume through the infrared without any human intervention.
  • User friendly software features a graphical interface: Preview methods and apparatus of operating conditions in advance.


The typical applications include Pesticides, PAHs, veterinary drugs, SVOCs, PCBs, herbicides, dioxins, furans, explosives reside, and flame retardants.


No. Channels 3
Pumps One syringe pump and three valveless pumps
SPE Method One method for a batch run
Drying Method Nitrogen Purge
Flush Sample Bottle N/A
Concentration Function Nitrogen Blow, Heating, Exhaust, Auto endpoint detection with optical sensor
Column Size 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, 12ml
Disk Size 47mm, 50mm, 90mm
Collection Racks 1
Solvents 5
Loading Speed 1-100ml/min
Collection Closed chamber with fume hood to protect end user
Interface USB






KRSS Left Strip