The Reeko AutoSPE-06Plus workstation is an automated solid-phase extraction system that is designed for the extraction and concentration of trace organic compounds in aqueous samples, such as drinking water, tap water and source water. The system can automatically complete the entire SPE process including conditioning cartridges, sample loading, washing, drying, elution, concentration with automatic sensor endpoint.

Compared to a vacuum manifold SPE, the AutoSPE-06Plus saves time, solvents and labour ensuring high reproducibility and productivity for any analytical laboratories as well as improving laboratory safety by minimizing the chance of hazardous samples and chemicals being in contact with the end user.

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Main features

Fully Automated

Drying methods options: SPE column Nitrogen purge, vacuum pumping or both
The combination of nitrogen purge and vacuum pumping provide outstanding efficiency for drying. For example, drying a C18 with nitrogen purge and vacuum pumping reduces drying time by 40% compared with traditional nitrogen blowing, which not only increase the efficiency but also eliminate the risk of losing volatile samples, ensuring high recovery and reproducibility.

Anhydrous sodium sulfate column to remove moisture online
For some samples, a anhydrous sodium sulfate column is a more applicable method for drying, especially for samples where drying with nitrogen may decrease recovery. With the installation of anhydrous sodium sulfate column, the eluent can be dried by passing through the column directly and collected in the graduated test tube.

Both disk and cartridge configurations
Auto SPE instrument is available in both disk and cartridge configurations to suit the needs of different applications.

Sample capacity: 6 channels
6 channels operate simultaneously for condition, loading, rinse, dry and elution.

Option for serial columns operation

Auto-flush function
With the auto-flush function, the system is able to wash down the residue on the wall of the bottle after sample loading, preventing weak polarity compounds from being adhered, which improves the performance of extracting organochlorine and polyester compounds.

With visual window
Can timely monitor the status on collection or condensation.

Built-in concentration module
Independent nitrogen blow concentration and heat module.

Graduated collection tube
Infrared sensor endpoint

Can be used with both Conical and Round bottom collection tubes

Optical sensor endpoint detection
The endpoint is detected automatically by IR sensors.

Separate collection of multiple components
With two collection racks designed, more than one compound can be collected separately in a batch run, providing flexibility to handle complicate sample or method development.

Environmentally-friendly operation
Sealed in the collection chamber, the waste lines module seregates aqueous waste, solvent and chlorinated solvent into different waste tubing. An exhaust fan and a vent pipe extract any volatile solvents .The safety conscious design of AutoSPE-06Plus reduces the chance of the end user coming in contact with solvent ,making the operation safe and reliable.


The Auto SPE Series is the ideal solutions for the extraction of pesticides, antibiotics, PAHs, PCBs, semi-volatile organic compounds and microcrystal in aqueous samples. The system uses a valveless pump to quantitatively take the samples and a syringe pump to condition and elute. The Auto SPE Series can automate the entire SPE process for improved analytical precision and productivity.

Typical applications include: Pesticides, PAHs, veterinary drugs, SVOCs, PCBs, herbicides, dioxins, furans, and explosives reside, and flame retardants.


  • Automatically complete the entire SPE process including conditioning, sample
    loading, rinsing, drying, elution and concentration with automatic endpoint detection.
  • Simultaneously process 6 samples.
  • Continuously sample loading with positive pressure
  • Sample volume from 10mL - 20 litres.
  • Flow rate: 0-100mL/min
  • Ability to support up to seven reagents.
  • Utilizes industry standard 1mL, 3 mL, 6mL, 12mL cartridges and 47mm, 50mm disk.
  • Separate collection of multiple components: Two collection racks design enables more than
    one compound can be collected separately in a batch run
  • Drying methods of SPE column Nitrogen purge, vacuum pumping or both.
  • Segregates aqueous waste, solvent and chlorinated solvent using separate waste lines.
  • Closed system for better protection of end user from hazardous chemicals.
  • User friendly software features graphical interface: Preview methods and apparatus of operating conditions in advance.

Concentration function

Nitrogen blowing: independent nitrogen gas path for nitrogen blowing
Heating block: digital controlled hot block
Exhaust fan: a vacuum fan to speed up the concentration
Closed chamber: prevent the solvents from volatilization.

Optical sensor endpoint detection


No. Channels 6
Pumps Six Syringe Pumps
SPE Method Independent methods on each channel
Drying Method Nitrogen Purge/Vaccuum Pumping/Sodium Sulphate Column
Flush Sample Bottle Yes
Concentration Function Nitrogen Blow, Heating, Exhaust, Auto endpoint detection with optical sensor
Column Size 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, 12ml
Disk Size 47mm, 50mm, 90mm
Collection Racks 2
Solvents 8
Loading Speed 1-100ml/min
Loading Speed

10ml-20 Litres

Collection Closed chamber with fume hood to protect end user
Interface WIFI






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