The best choice for ideal water quality in your laboratory.

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  • Convenient Operation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Refined Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Alarm for Filter Replacement


Highest Water Quality

  • aquaMAXTM-Ultra370 Series produce Type A grade in electrical resistivity 18.2㏁2cm and TOC level to< 10 ppb
  • The water quality of aquaMAXTM-Ultra 370 Series complies with ASTM, CAP, ACS and NCCLS to be used with HPLC, GC, IC, AAS, ICP and ICP-MS

Resistivity Measurement

  • Measuring the resistivity by automatic temperature compensation for accurate measurement
  • Easy to select temp. compensation function at your fingertips

Ultra Pack

  • Almost perfect removal of organic materials
  • In applications such as HPLC, Cell-transmitter, Pharmacy and Labs

UF Filter (Polysulphone membrane)

  • Filtering various bacteria and impurities to reduce Pyrogen to 0.06 Eu/ml

UV Filter

  • Significantly low TOC level (< 5ppb) for preparation of analytical grade reagents
0.2um Final Filter

  • Final filtering of impurities for produced water and prevention of contamination at drain

Flow Diagram


Model aquaMAX™-Ultra 370 (Standard)aquaMAX™-Ultra 371 (UF Version)aquaMAX™-Ultra 372 (UV VersionaquaMAX™-Ultra 373 (UV/UF Version)
Part No. 3701011000 3701011001 3701011002 3701011003
ApplicationsReagents, General analysis, IC, AAS, HPLC, ICP-MS, Standard solvents and buffer solutionsMammalian cell culture, DNA sequencing, Electrophoresis, Monoclonal antibodyproductionUltra-trace inorganic and organic analysis, GC-MS and TOC analysisIncluding all applications of UV and UF version, PCR, 2-dimensional eletrophoresis, cell culture

Resistivity(at 25℃)

TOC5~10 ppb5~10 ppb 1~5 ppb 1~5 ppb
Pyrogen - <0.06 Eu/ml -<0.06 Eu/ml
Productivity 50 L/H 50 L/H 50 L/H 50 L/H




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