Get more money for your old Mass Spec and help the environment

As lab professional, we are sure you know the need to help safeguard our environment. That’s why choosing more sustainable and environmentally friendly lab equipment, and practices are now a priority, not just for cost savings but also for reducing your carbon footprint. While some waste and consumption are unavoidable, working with KRSS we can help you make a few small changes in your laboratory that can make a big difference for our planet and save you money.

Unused instruments

Do you have an unused Mass Spec that is no longer used? You may have purchased a new instrument and kept the old system or moved on to a different technique, maybe the old instrument was beyond economical repair following a breakdown..

Don’t trade old instruments when buying a new system

If you are purchasing replacement instruments, the manufacturer will often offer you a trade-in value against the new system. Still, the reality is they will scrap the trade-in, and you would get the same discount anyway.

A greener future plus financial reward
Wanted Agilent 1100, 1200, 1260 Modules

There is a need for these high-quality types of equipment to conduct research and study in growing laboratories without large budgets for new instruments.

KRSS is committed to preserving our environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling equipment. We can help recycle these unused instruments and put them in the hands of those who can use them to develop their research and study of tomorrows scientists. We can even utilise non-working instruments to extend other systems’ lives by donating parts and reducing waste.

KRSS will take care of all shipping and can arrange collection from almost anywhere.

Plus, we will pay you cash or offer consumables, laboratory workstations, noise reduction enclosures, service contracts or other instruments.

Why sell to KRSS?

We will agree with you a price to decommission, remove the instrument and either refurbished for resale as KRSS:Renewed or strip it into parts to be recycled.

No obligation to sell - We don’t use pushy sales but provide an honest assessment and value
Cash Paid - We have money available and can transfer fund
FREE decommission/removal - We will arrange for our engineers to remove the instruments at a time that is convenient to you
All models considered - working or non-working
Recycle your old systems and modules - Help reduce waste by recycling your unwanted instruments
Quick removal to free up space in your laboratory
KRSS has been buying and selling instruments for more than 10 years

All instruments considered, working or non-working

KRSS are actively looking to purchase a wide range of equipment from Agilent, Thermo, Waters, AB Sciex, Shimadzu, PerkinElmer, PEAK and Domnick Hunter working or non-working for refurbishment and parts.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to offer a fair value for your system/module (allowing for refurbishment and servicing costs) and to recycle either the whole instrument or the parts and reduce waste.