The Zero Air generators produce dry and hydrocarbon-free air, using air from oil-free compressors, thus avoiding the need to use traditional bottles that are often complex to change. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, this system will eliminating the need for inconvenient high pressure gas cylinders.

This complete turnkey system is engineered with the highest quality components, is easy to install and requires only minimal annual maintenance. The ergonomic, compact and silent design makes the Zero Air series the ideal solution for the following analytical applications.

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Better detector performance
The reduction of hydrocarbons, including methane to < 0.05 ppm decreases the background noise level and gives the baseline much better stability, considerably increasing detector sensitivity and ensuring precise analytical results.

Increased laboratory efficiency
A constant, uninterrupted gas supply of guaranteed purity eliminates interruptions of analyses to change cylinders and reduces the amount of instrument re-calibrations required.

Save money
The unit only requires connection to a suitable socket and to external source of compressed air.
The investment can be paid back in less than one year.

Improved safety
Zero air produced at low pressure and ambient temperature removes the need for high pressure

Simple installation
Gas generators can be installed in the laboratory, on or under a bench, eliminating the need for long gas lines from cylinders secured elsewhere.


  • Various flow rate : 1.5, 3, 6, 15, 30 L/min
  • Purity : HC < 0.05 ppm ; CO < 0.05 ppm
  • Pressure : up to 6.5 bar (94 psi)
  • External clean and dry air compressor required








General information
Flow rate (max)

1.5 L/min

3 L/min

6 L/min

15 L/min

30 L/min

Outlet pressure (max)

6.5 bar (94 psi) - 0.5 bar (8 psi) at maximum flow

Total outlet hydrocarbon content

< 0.05 ppm

Startup time

40 min

Max inlet hydrocarbon content

100 ppm

Water dewpoint

< -20°C

Inlet air Supply pressure

3 bar (43 psi) - 10 bar (145 psi)


Standard 19” Rack 4U - depth 40 cm

Weight (kg/lbs)

8 / 17.5

9 / 19.8

18 / 39.6

20 / 44

Supply voltage

90 - 240 V ac / 50 - 60 Hz

Installation Power (max)

From 100 W to 200 W depending on models

Inlet/Outlet Connections

1/8” Female




KRSS Left Strip