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Ultra High Purity Zero Nitrogen Generators

The Parker domnick hunter zero nitrogen  generators employ robust, field proven technology to produce ultra high purity nitrogen for GC makeup and carrier gas applications. An integral heated platinum catalyst ensures carrier grade nitrogen free from organic impurities to <0.1ppm.

The generators provide a continuous stream of ultra high purity nitrogen from a single ’plug & play’ unit. Models are available with and without an integral oil free compressor, are extremely quiet in operation and are fully approved for use by major instrumentation manufacturers.

Innovative design features include economy mode as standard which extends compressor life and significantly reduces on going running costs.

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Product Features

  • Ultra high purity, organic free, nitrogen
  • Economy mode as standard, increases compressor life
  • Ideal for GC make-up and carrier gas applications including ECD
  • Integral oil free compressor, with advanced noise reduction technology
  • Eliminate inconvenient and potentially dangerous nitrogen cylinders
  • Compact, reliable with minimal operator attention and maintenance

Product Selection


ModelFlow RatePurity*Inlet Air @ 9 to 9.9 bar
(131 to 143 psi)
Delivery Pressure Integral Compressor
 L/minppm organic impurity%L/minbar gpsi g 
UHPZN2-10001<0.1 Total Hydrocarbons>99.9995%42572.5NO
UHPZN2-1000C1<0.1 Total Hydrocarbons>99.9995%n/a572.5YES
UHPZN2-30003<0.1 Total Hydrocarbons>99.9995%52572.5NO
UHPZN2-3000C3<0.1 Total Hydrocarbons>99.9995%n/a572.5YES

*Purity with respect to oxygen
Note: Add suffix ’E’ for 207-253V 50/60Hz ie. UHPZN2-1000-E
Add suffix ’W’ for 103 -126V 60Hz ie. UHPZN2-1000-W

Technical Data

Ambient Temperature Range
15 - 25°C
59 - 77°F
Inlet Air Quality†Clean dry compressed air
ISO8573-1:2010 Class 2.-.1
Supply Voltage Range 103 - 126V 60Hz
207 - 253V 50/60Hz
Port Connections  
Inlet†1/4” Compression Fitting
Outlet1/8” Compression Fitting
†Non compressor models only


Weights and Dimensions

ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Depth (D)Weight (with compressor)Weight (without compressor)
UHPZN2 range86934.234513.666726.396211.686189.5





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