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Midigas LAB

The Parker domnick hunter MIDIGAS LAB nitrogen gas generators employ robust, field proven technology to produce high purity nitrogen for a number of medium flow, high demand analytical applications, such as multiple LC/MS installations. Flow rates range from 9 L/min to 408 L/min, with purities from >95% to >99.999%.

The MIDIGAS LAB generators provide a continuous stream of high purity nitrogen from a innovative modular unit. Models are available with or without an external compressed air system, and offer a compelling alternative to other modes of supply such as cylinders or liquid.

Innovative design and technology facilitate maximum instrument uptime, attractive return on investment and proven analytical performance.

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Product Features

  • Innovative modular system specifically for multiple LC/MS and centralised supply applications
  • Produces a continuous stream of high purity analytical grade nitrogen 24 hours a day
  • Integral automatic economy mode and continuous purity monitoring
  • Digital and analogue outputs of remote monitoring and alarm capabilities
  • Eliminate inconvenient and potentially dangerous nitrogen cylinders and dewars
  • Robust, reliable with minimal operator attention and maintenance

Product Selection

Performance data is based on 7 bar g (100 psi g) air inlet pressure and 20° - 25°C (66° - 77°F) ambient temperature. Consult Parker for performance under other specific conditions.
Nitrogen flow rate m3/hr vs Purity (Oxygen Content)
MIDIGAS2 LABm3/hr0.552.
m3 reference standard = 20°C, 1013 millibar(a), 0% relative water vapour pressure.


Technical Data

Ambient Temperature Range
5 - 50°C
Nitrogen outlet pressureup to 11 bar g
Air Inlet pressure6 to 13 bar g
Air Inlet Quality 
Pressure Dewpoint-40°C
Particulate <0.1 micron
Oil <0.01 mg/m3
Supply Voltage Range103 - 126V 60Hz
Inlet/outlet connections207 - 253V 50/60Hz


Weights and Dimensions

ModelHeight (H)Width (W)Depth (D)Weight (with compressor)
MIDIGAS2 LAB103441450184711998216
MIDIGAS4 LAB1034414501864026145320
MIDIGAS6 LAB1034414501880933196432





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