Ultra Low Bleed (ULBTM) Silicone based Septa products ideal for LCMS and GCMS applications

Do you want to reduce interference from contaminants found in standard Septa products?

By purchasing direct from the manufacturer KRSS Ltd are able to offer customers considerable savings on Ultra Low Bleed (ULBTM) products. As well as reducing the Siloxanes present in most other commercially available products, KRSS ULB offer the benefits of no coring to ensure minimal downtime of your instrument, a better seal than Butyl rubber and even greater discounts for bulk orders.

Ultra Low Bleed (ULB) Silicone based Chromatography Septa products are ideal for LCMS and GCMS applications.

KRSS also provide a wide range of vials to complement the ULB products as well as vials and caps for all applications.

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