New MS-QuietBox II for Edwards and Pfeiffer pumps as used on Agilent and Varian GCMS

The MSQBII 07 is the latest edition to the range of ventilated noise reduction system available for all brands of mass spec vacuum pumps. Designed for the Edwards and Pfeiffer pumps used on Agilent/Varian GCMS, the MSQBII-07 is a compact bench-top system with built in visual and audible alarm as standard.

The innovative design allows for installation with no need to shut the instrument down. The MS-QuietBoxII™ integral fans maintain the pumps at an optimum temperature and the large format temperature display in conjunction with the alarm allows easy monitoring. The unique flat-pack construction is environmentally friendly, reducing shipping costs and can be assembled in 5 minutes with no need for tools.

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