KRSS launches new improved MS-QuietBoxII

The new improved MS-QuietBox II noise reduction system - silence those noisy mass spec vacuum pumps!

Mass spectrometry laboratories can be noisy places these days!  The use of more sophisticated equipment often increases background noise.  The improved MS-QuietBox II from KRSS can help reduce this noise to acceptable levels.

  • Reduce pump noise by 15 dB(A)
  • Install without mass spec downtime
  • 3 options for pipework access points for easy setup
  • Integral fans maintains vacuum pump at optimum temperature (safety options available)
  • Compatible with all common LCMS vacuum pumps
  • Easy access for pump maintenance
  • Flatpack delivery, can be assembled in 5 minutes - no tools required!
  • CE Marked

Your laboratory should not be without the KRSS MS-QuietBox!

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