Varian Mass Spec and Chromatography service from just £450

  • LCMS and GCMS support including 320, 325, 1200 triple quads and GCMS 3400/3800 with Saturn 2000 and 220, 240 ion traps
  • Complete HPLC and GC service including ProStar HPLC and PrepStar HPLC systems/modules and GC systems ­including 3400, 3800, 3900, 430 and 450
  • Tailor made contracts to suit individual requirements, including IQ/OQ
  • Service and support for CTC autosamplers
  • Contract available with noise reduction option
  • Decommissioning, relocation and installation options
  • Mass Spec Workstations with built-in noise reduction designed for Varian LCMS & GCMS
  • Also available - specialist support for Micromass/Waters, ABI/Sciex, Varian & Agilent Mass ­Spectrometers and all HPLC and GC systems

KRSS Ltd.  is a unique company offering service and support for the complete LCMS and GCMS, allowing all service requirements to be covered under a single agreement.

KRSS is the UK and Europe’s fastest growing mass spectrometry service organisation, employing experienced engineers with many years knowledge of mass spec and chromatography service. The team at KRSS work with customers to offer competitively priced service options which minimise instrument downtime, maximise sample throughput and ensure quality results are delivered on time.

All service agreements are supported by quality spare parts. This provides customer peace of mind, ensuring results are not compromised.

If you have not considered KRSS before then give us a call on +44 (0)161 2410040 or email us and make a change today!

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