KRSS Academy Training

Developing a smarter workplace Welcome to the Academy The KRSS Academy consists of a broad base of support resources ready to help you maximise productivity in your facility. The service offerings include courses, workshops, demonstrations, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, on-site training, e-learning and customised training programs. Additionally KRSS offers application assistance, method development, validation options and consultation to provide a more complete approach to your analytical challenges. The academy offers support from a “taster” training course to a fully supported instrument and application based scenario. KRSS’s approach to training is to enable our clients to obtain the maximum understanding of sample preparation, analytical technique, instrumentation, software, and how all these elements link together. With our academy support, you will be able to optimise the performance of your analysis/ laboratory, acquiring faster, more reliable and accurate results with minimum instrument downtime. Don’t delay, support your most important asset – your people. A Broad Range of Hands- on Learning Experience The KRSS Academy programme can familiarise new users with a variety of techniques, instruments and software. The more experienced user can enhance their skills on more unfamiliar and latest analytical techniques, instruments and software developments which will accelerate your workplace productivity. Class size is limited to assure you of the optimum learning experience and maximise your hands-on use of the instruments and software. 2