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Five most popular ways to sell Mass Spec, Chromatography and Lab Gas Generator systems

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Modern technology has given us more ways to sell our stuff than ever before. From auction sites to social media, it’s never been easier to clear our spaces of old bikes and tennis rackets. However, when selling more significant assets such as Mass Spec Chromatography or Lab Gas Generators equipment, there are several ways to sell. But more doesn’t always mean better.

As a company that buys and sells used equipment, KRSS knows sellers choose many different methods or selling instruments to various effects.

The following are our

Five most popular ways to sell Mass Spec, Chromatography and Lab Gas Generator systems

, along with pros and cons for each.

Auction Sites

Listing your equipment on an auction site could be an option for you if you have time and flexibility for removal schedule and are willing to take a chance on the right person seeing it. However, you’ll also have to take responsibility for all the system information being accurate, which can be more complex than it sounds.

If your listing doesn’t appear to the right person at the right time, you may end up getting less than the equipment is worth. Also, you need to make sure that the auction site you work with guarantees the financial legitimacy of their bidders. Will the winning bidder pay in advance? You should also be ready to inquire after the logistical legitimacy of a bidder - i.e. is someone going to purchase your used Agilent 1100 from China if you are based in Bedford? Are they qualified to remove the equipment? Are they adequately insured? What commission will you pay? These sales can work well with proper research, but they require a close eye and a considerable amount of your time.


Platforms are similar to auction sites, and some of the concerns overlap. But, again, the main con is that you don’t know who’s buying or if they have the funds, floor protection, dollies, and insurance to remove the system safely. Still, the possibility of a platform sell working out with thorough research can be positive.

Trade-Ins against new equipment with the OEM

Trade-ins are probably the easiest way to liquidate your equipment. The downtime is minimised because the OEM often coordinates the removal of the old system with the install of the new for you. In addition, the OEM will usually offer you a trade-in value/discount against the new system. Still, the reality is they will scrap the trade-in, and you would get the same discount anyway.

Trade-Ins against new equipment with an independent

Trade-ins with independent providers work similarly to an OEM trade-in, with the removal of the old system timed with the install of the replacement system. However, an independent such as KRSS will offer more than the OEM for your old system. They will recycle the systems as either a used Mass Spec, Chromatography and Gas Generator or strip older instruments into usable parts for service and support.


The vast majority of used systems being sold today are completed through a reseller like KRSS. This is mainly because few labs want to manage the risk of selling, delivering, installing, and possibly refurbishing a Mass Spec, Chromatography or Lab Gas Generator. However, not all resellers provide the same level of service. Here are a few tips to consider if you look into doing business with a reseller:

  1. Avoid "brokers" who aren’t willing to outlay their own money. Even if they’re friendly people, they’re still dependent on someone else’s money to hit their account before purchasing. This should only happen for very high-value transactions.
  2. Get a collection early, unless you have a standing relationship and trust. If someone makes you an offer, they should be willing to collect in a reasonable amount of time and transfer the funds.
  3. Have the system inspected in advance. There should be no last-minute surprises and the removal path for the system should be agreed upon.

The nice part of working with a reseller is that you talk with and work with a human. There’s a higher level of customer service and more flexibility if you work with the right company. A quality reseller will know the right questions to ask, what adds value and what detracts. They can also arrange a professional system removal.

The Sound Bite

The options we’ve covered here aren’t the only ones. Some sellers opt to donate, scrap, or sell directly to another facility. Still, most will choose one of the categories above for a balance of price, ease, and logistical coverage they’re comfortable with.

If choosing a reseller is on your shortlist of considerations, we would love the opportunity to discuss any equipment you’re replacing in the coming weeks, months, or years. Our team can give you a ballpark valuation or dive deeper with you for a firm quote, depending on your needs. So click on the button below to drop us a line and discuss your next Mass Spec, Chromatography or Lab Gas Generator equipment sale.