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Used Mass Spec & Chromatography Instrument Finance, Rates, Payments and How to Qualify

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If you are considering a KRSS:Renewed or any other Used, Refurbished & Approved #MassSpectrometry or #Chromatography System and know your requirements, the next step could be to explore financing options.

Here at KRSS Ltd, we have had the opportunity to help thousands of customers make their lab requirements a reality. We did this by sourcing, installing, and supporting their Mass Spec or Chromatography systems and assisting them in financing the purchase to best suit their cash flow.


  • What do I need to know about instrument finance?

    Used Mass Spec and Chromatography instrument finance terms are available on systems from £5,000 (plus VAT) to £250,000 at a typical flat rate of 2.9%. So, for example, a £180,000 Thermo Q-Exactive will have monthly repayments of £5,441.30 per month over three years (36 months).

  • KRSS has partnered with a leading finance company to offer the most competitive rates and agreement durations from various lenders, including Natwest, ConisterBank, Lloyds Bank and Funding Circle to name a few. Our team will collect the details and work with a dedicated finance consultant, which an underwriter will review and a decision is issued in as little as 30 minutes.

  • How much will my Used Mass Spec finance cost monthly?

    To give you an idea, a £180,000 system (eg. Thermo Q-Exactive) would be a typical monthly payment of £5,441.30 per month over three years (36 months). A £115,000 system (eg. Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Velos Pro) over the same term would have monthly payments of £3,478.39 per month and a £60,000 system (eg. Sciex API 4000 Qtrap) with a three years term would be £1813.77 per month. A term of 60 months would reduce the Thermo Q-Exactive to £3,369.60, the Thermo LTQ Orbitrap to £2,152.80 and the Sciex API 4000 to £1,123.20.

  • Who can we help finance a Used Mass Spectrometer or Chromatography System?

    KRSS can help secure funding for any UK based SME, New Start or established, weak credit profiles or non-trading lends.

  • Why would I want to finance a used Mass Spec or Chromatography System rather than purchase outright?

    There are several reasons why you may wish to finance a system even if your company has the funds to buy it outright; the decision is yours to make. However here are few reasons it may be more beneficial for your company. First, it allows the purchased system to pay for itself immediately rather than recoup the hefty outlay. Second, there may be some advantages of associated tax benefits. Third, as a company, you will retain your working capital to help manage cash flow. Finally, VAT can be funded for the duration of the agreement at no extra costs.