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10 Reasons you should buy refurbished #MassSpectrometry, #Chromatography Systems and Gas Generators

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Do you still need convincing that buying refurbished analytical equipment (#MassSpectrometry #Chromatography) is a good idea? KRSS would like to share some reasons for choosing refurbished that you may not have previously considered.

10 Reasons You Should Buy Refurbished Mass Spec & Chromatography Equipment

  1. Refurbished Mass Spec, Chromatography Systems and Gas Generators generally cost significantly less than the price of new systems.
  2. Providers (such as KRSS) sell equipment fully installed and include a service agreement and warranty (see our service options).
  3. Refurbished systems help the environment by repurposing equipment in another laboratory (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
  4. Refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean old; the latest model technology is also available.
  5. Many OEMs and third-party service providers will happily service a refurbished system.
  6. Third-party parts providers (such as KRSS) can supply refurbished parts including turbos, vacuum pumps, boards and power supplies again at half the cost of new (also environmentally friendly).
  7. Finance companies will happily fund refurbished equipment and the additional charges such as warranty and VAT (KRSS has a partner for that).
  8. The supply of most models and manufacturers is good.
  9. Regularly upgrading with refurbished equipment leverages your balance sheet to the maximum.
  10. With lower acquisition costs, refurbished Mass Spec, Chromatography Systems, and Gas Generators will produce a return on your investment sooner than new systems. Financing the system assists this even more.

Refurbished Mass Spec & Chromatography Market Growth

Worldwide acceptance of refurbished analytical equipment has never been higher. This shift is driven by refinement of the used market, as more and more independent refurbishers develop processes, seek ISO certification, and build infrastructure for service, parts, engineering, and financing.

The Sound Bite

Depending on your requirements an older Mass Spec can deliver the same analysis as a brand new system but with significant savings. Laboratories around the globe are looking for reliability, streamlined workflow, and return on investment. The old-school mentality of only buying new can’t always provide solutions to all three of these issues. If you haven’t considered a used, refurbished and approved system, there’s never been a better time. Click on the link below to view some of our inventory and contact us for a no-obligation chat.